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Year 1 undertook a range of science activities as part of STEM / British Science week. 

The focus was to:
·       observe carefully and compare observations;

·       describe what it is they are doing / observing;

·       explore through a range of different sensory experiences;

·       develop curiosity;

·       have fun!

Activities included: adding vinegar to copper coins to observe a chemical reaction, observing absorbency through a paper folding art activity, exploring which materials are magnetic, feeling and experiencing the effects of a magnetic force, experiencing how magnets interact with each other and observing how different liquids mix with water. We also painted ‘Rainbow Fish,’ using filter paper dyed in red cabbage which we painted designs on by dipping our brushes into lemon juice and then used a bicarbonate soda solution. We then did an investigation called ‘Splitting Sweets’. We used filter paper, water and some Smarties to observe the colours that came out – we had to eat a smartie as part of the fun of course!

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in British Science week 2015!! 

As well as all the fun of the Science activities this week, we had great fun on Friday morning in the Easter bonnet parade. The hats were amazing and it was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the term.

We wish all Year 1 children and their families a wonderful Easter.
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