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The children have been shape detectives finding out about pentagons and hexagons. They have thought of their own way of remembering which shape (is it the 5 sided one or the 6 sided one?) is a pentagon and which is a hexagon using alliteration and Welsh to help!! Pentagon = pump (5)!!

​They have looked and sorted irregular hexagon and pentagon shapes displaying their findings in a table they created themselves. We have also been looking out for regular pentagon and hexagon shapes around the classroom and the school. One boy was a particular super shape detective!! Di iawn ti ZP!! The children also created their own 5 or 6 sided shapes on the peg boards with elastic bands.

Additionally the children have created their own Mr or Mrs alliterative pentagon or hexagon shape character. Here are some examples of the shape characters and what they like to do and what they look like.


  • Mr Pooke Pentagon. He has five sides. He has lovely hair and likes to eat sausages. ZP
  • Super Pat Pentagon. He has five corners. He likes to eat cream eggs because he has a cream egg poster. EB
  • Mrs Popcorn Pentagon. She has five sides. She likes to go to the park because she likes the swings. She has yellow eyes. IB
  • Mrs Harriet Hexagon. She has six sides. Her favourite food is spaghetti bolognaise and her favourite drink is Fanta because it’s fizzy. HL
  • Mrs Holly Hexagon. She has six corners. She loves to play with the eggs because she likes to see the chicks being born. She has a rose hair clip in her hair. JJ
  • Mr Harry Hexagon. He has six sides. He is very friendly because he is nice. COG
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