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This week in Year 1 we have been writing and drawing for the Saint David’s day Eisteddfod writing and art competitions. The theme for the competitions this year is ‘Growing and Thriving’. 

We applied a kinaesthetic approach to our writing activity this week through dance: creating and thinking of good words and actions to show how a plant grows from a seed to a flower. We listened and expressed our ideas for our dance to some lovely music. Later we used this music in the classroom to remind us of our dance and as a way to start off our thoughts for writing. 

We also really enjoyed watching some speeded up video clips of plants growing from seeds. We were all very interested in this. It was also fun thinking of a ‘ffugenw’ (pseudonym) for our writing competition entry. We look forward to handing in our writing next week to be judged, with the winners being announced on the Saint David’s Day Eisteddfod celebration day.

For the art competition we looked at and observed flowers really carefully and have produced some amazing and detailed illustrations. We will be painting them next week.