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After reading and responding to the stories ‘The Sandwich That Max Made’ and ‘The Giant Sandwich’ the children requested if they could make some sandwiches of their own – for the BFG!! This being pertinent to the recent Roald Dahl day. We have of course been focusing on healthy snacks and healthy eating, so it was decided that we would make healthy cucumber sandwiches using wholemeal bread.

During this activity the children spread (rather thickly in some cases!) the butter on the bread themselves and cut the cucumber and bread using special ‘sharp’ knives.  The importance of hand washing, washing the cucumbers and keeping a clean working area were also discussed and undertaken. There was quite a bit of unscheduled cucumber sampling during the activity which resulted in the need for some extra emergency cucumber purchasing! 

​As the weather has been so sunny and enjoyable we were able to eat and enjoy our cucumber sandwiches in the infant courtyard.