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We’ve had a wonderful few weeks after our Christmas break and our teachers are very proud of how hard we are working. 

In Literacy lessons, we have been working hard with our creative writing, trying to include ‘Wow’ words and connectives in our stories.  We are doing an amazing job in our reading and love our weekly comprehension lessons.  We have been playing lots of punctuation games to help us to remember capital letters and full stops in our work and our new favourite is the ‘Five finger comma trick’ when we are making lists!

We have been introduced to the amazing ‘Percy Parker’ and his fun songs are helping us learn our times tables.  We have also been working on doubling and halving, ordinal numbers and length activities.

We had an amazing trip to Cardiff Museum and looked at art work by the brilliant Bedwyr Williams.  It was so much fun and so interesting, we have brought some ideas back to class and have been working on them in art lessons.