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We have been working very hard in maths and everyone was awarded pupil of the week for working really hard learning to tell the time.

We enjoyed our visit from Year 5 who helped us retell parts of the story Carrie’s War by Nina Bowden. They showed us how to bring our stories to life using the LEGO Story Visualizer app. We always enjoy learning from other children in the school.

It was very interesting sorting the results of our Learning styles homework and we discovered that most children in Year 3 are Kinaesthetic learners, visual learners coming a close second and the least number of children were Auditory learners. We also discovered that most of the children in their class had the same learning style as at least one of their parents.  We are going to make some graphs to show our results next week.

We are excited about starting to practise for our Easter Eucharist on March 24th.

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