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​Year 3 had a very busy STEM week. We started outdoors on a materials hunt to investigate why different objects are made out of different materials, We used lots of scientific vocabulary to describe the properties of materials. We then used that information to create an information poster about a particular material using the Pic Collage app.

Our next activity was to investigate why the £5 note was recently changed from paper to plastic. We investigated how much weight different types of paper and plastic would hold. We had great fun doing this and the polly pocket was the strongest. We then had the idea to text an actual £5 note; we were amazed to discover that it held 3kg of weights before tearing. We wrote some great conclusions and had some excellent discussions about fair testing.

On Thursday of STEM week we were very lucky to have Mrs Konten- Sloman, a science teacher from Barry Comprehensive, as our visit to our classroom. She demonstrated the ‘screaming jelly baby’ experiment. It was super exciting to see it explode like a firework! Then all the children made slime to take home. We used PVA glue, food colouring and Borax solution mixed together to produce slime. It was great fun! A huge thank you to Mrs Konten-Sloman for her hard work prepping everything.

On Friday afternoon we made a volcano! It was actually a kit, kindly brought in by Oliver R. We all enjoyed watching the lava oozing out of the volcano. What an amazing end to a brilliant week of activities. Making learning hwyl/fun!
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