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Year 3 have had a brilliant start to the year and have settled into the juniors extremely well. They have worked hard and had far more fun than they thought they would in the juniors!

Everyone is enjoying our mini mammals topic and they have particularly enjoyed learning about hedgehogs this week. The children have done some fantastic research on how to help keep hedgehogs safe and have been making their own posters; including some of the facts they discovered. 

Our role play wildlife centre has proved very popular and they are looking forward to using their speaking and listening and writing skills when they get into role. We have had some wonderful donations from parents to help make this area possible, so a huge thank you goes out.

There have been some fantastic creations using Polydron in our maths area and some rather spiky hedgehogs have been created in the craft area.  I look forward to finding out all the interesting facts the children find out for the hedgehog research homework over the weekend.