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It has been a very busy start to the Summer Term in Year 3. We have finally got the tests over and done with and we all worked extremely hard, but had lots of fun too playing lots of maths games.

We are really enjoying our World War 2 topic and we particularly enjoyed our visit to Swansea Bay war Museum. Our guides, John, Llois and Barry made the day lots of fun and we learned so much about the war from exploring all the artefacts.

We explored the operations room and learned how they tracked the planes, experienced being inside an Anderson Shelter and took a walk down a World War 2 street. We found out why houses needed to be blacked out and why windows needed to be taped up and that you could even go to jail for not following the blackout rules.

Everyone loved trying on the 1940’s clothes and learning why they are different from clothes of today. After lunch we completed a quiz which consolidated everything we had discovered throughout the day. We are now looking forward to our VE Day party after half term.