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Year 4 worked very hard to write, rehearse and perform their assembly for parents on Friday 30th September.
Our script was inspired by the SEAL topic of ‘New Beginnings’ and our Values for this half term on ‘Healthy Living. These topics also helped us write our prayers.
We started our ideas by exploring what being healthy meant to us. We used Lego to express our ideas and then wrote our own words for the assembly.
The story of Creation in Genesis Chapter 1 was illustrated by artwork completed by us all.
Our play, ‘Zac for Tax’, told the story of the tax collector Zacchaeus and Jesus teaching us to be prepared to give people a fresh start.  We all enjoyed performing the play and hope our audience did too.
We are very proud of the display we produced for the hall and hope our parents took the chance to look at it last Friday.
Pupils of Year 4 and Miss Saunders