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The Year 4 pupils were excited on Wednesday 18th of May as they paid a visit to Barry library and met an author called Cathy Farr and her dog Mojo.
Cathy Farr has inspired our class to write and has given people a big boost on writing. She read some of her first book Moon Chase and she even told us her experience of how she became an author for children and adults.
Cathy Farr’s books are Moon Chase, Moon Crossing, a bridge reader and Cat and the Fiddle. She is currently writing a book called Ghost Moon. Her dog Mojo inspired her to write. We would recommend her books to people aged 8 and older. These books are just right for people who like a bit of fantasy adventure. She based her books in Medieval times and it is dark in all of her books and her style of writing is dark writing.
Food blog
On the 20th May we had a huge batch of food to sample from Asda. The food included watermelon, orange and blueberry. We also sampled soup made by Year 3. On top of that we made a loaf of bread and it was delightful. It was all to include Food Revolution Day. A lady from Asda came and told us facts about fruit and vegetables and how they make you healthy.
We started our skipathon on the 20th May at 11:30 and we had a little visit from Lee Selby and he showed us how he skips in training and gave us a little talk.
The walking bus
On the 20th of May we walked around the school for our walking bus. The whole school formed a long line to create a long walking bus. We all found a partner and started the walk round the field. After we had a perfect picture and we all went back inside to get ready for play.
Next time on Weekly Blog: Sports Day and Values Day
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