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We have had a very enjoyable week in Year 5.  

In Maths we have been refining our place value skills and also working hard on learning our multiplication tables.  In English we have continued writing our detailed character profiles about the three main characters.   We were then able to film each other as the main characters using our new green screen.  

In Science we have been researching the different ways materials can be separated and understanding the key scientific vocabulary will need to use during this topic.  In ICT we have been creating folders on our OneDrive account.  These folders will enable us to store and share our work with each other.  As it has unlimited storage we are able to create a digital portfolio of all our work.  

We have also had the opportunity to get ready for next weeks sports day by having our practice races and wish all the houses good luck.  We have really enjoyed building on our new LEGO wall outside our classroom and look forward to the construction challenges that lay ahead!
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