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We have had a ‘very enjoyable week this week in Y5. 

In Maths we have been carrying out calculator investigations and also working on our multiplication methods.  We having been deciding our favourite method from the traditional method, partitioning method, grid method and the Chinese method. 

In English we have been reading the next chapter in the Snow Spider book and have answered comprehension questions.  We have also been creating our very own book blurbs for the Snow Spider. In Science we have been making pressure and tapper switches and inserting these switches into a variety of circuits . 

In Art we have continued to study the Welsh artist Helen Elliott and in our topic work we have been looking at the key principles of Hinduism, the Hindu gods and how Hinduism is different to Christianity.

We are looking forward to the Skipathon on Friday 20th May and being able to come into school wearing sports kit on this day.