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​We have had a wonderful week in Y5 this week.

In English we have continued our work for the national tests in May by working on our reading comprehension skills.  We have also had the opportunity to find out about who the girl in the web was, by reading more of our class book, ‘The Snow Spider’. 

In Maths we have continued our work for the tests by looking at a variety of questions that will appear on both the procedural and reasoning papers. We have been identifying key words and phrases from the questions and using this technique to help solve each calculation.

In Science we have been building a variety of circuits and finding out how to ensure the brightness of a bulb stays the same, even when more bulbs are added.
​In Art we have been studying the Welsh artist Kyffin Williams and we have also started our new topic about India.  The children have worked collaboratively to plan out what they would like to discover over the remainder of the term and are very excited to be leading the learning.