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We have had a fantastic week in Year 5.  In Maths we have been solving calculations involving odd and even numbers.  We have also been recognising, predicting and creating our own number sequences.  In English we have we have been editing and redrafting our play scripts.  We have also filmed our next four scenes of our Cindy, Ann & Bones adventure. In our Tudors topic we have been finding out about Henry VIII and his six wives.  We have used a number of different historical sources and have collated an array of interesting facts.  

We were very fortunate to have a visit this week from two people.  Richard and Laurie wanted to see all the fantastic work we are doing on Hwb and Encyclopaedia Britannica.  They were blown away by how we use these tools to enhance and transform our learning.  

Our visit to Cardiff Castle was without doubt the highlight of the week.  We had an amazing time learning all about Tudor music and dance.  We also used our numeracy skills when we were buying souvenirs from the shop!
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