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We have completed another week in Year 6. 

In Maths we have been carrying out a number of different investigations including calculating the cost of a variety of mobile phone tariffs and which one was the best value for money. In English we have been very busy writing a letter of complaint about the terrible visit to a restaurant (not Jamie’s Italian), making sure we used persuasive language.  We have also constructed and written a story entitled ‘Andy Forgets’. 

In RE we have discussed and studied the ‘Nicene Creed’ and its importance in the Christian religion.  In Science we have carried on with our paper towel investigations from last week by plotting our results and findings onto a variety of different graphs.  

The highlight of the week has to be our visit to Jamie's Italian Restaurant in Cardiff as part of our Food Revolution Day activities.  We had a fantastic time making the ‘Squash it Sandwich!