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What a fantastic (but very busy!) few weeks we have had in year 6. 

We are extremely proud of the children’s efforts in all aspects of school life and are particularly pleased with the way that they are applying themselves to their learning. We are also extremely pleased and proud of the way they have matured recently into model year 6 pupils – keep it up Year 6!

In Literacy lessons, we have been writing persuasive letter to Emperor Claudius outlining why he should invade Britain (even after 2 failed attempts!) and have been writing character descriptions based on Boudicca. The children have also produced Sway presentations based on her life.

In maths, we have been focusing on developing our numerical reasoning skills and have been solving calculations involving decimals and fractions using a variety of different methods.​
We have also been continuing to discover all about the human body, in particular the heart, lungs and circulatory system and have completed a number of science investigations based on this. We were so engaged with our lung capacity investigation, that we decided to repeat it with a totally different success criteria! The numeracy work we had from this was incredible – who knew you could get so much maths out of a pair of lungs?!
We are also in the final stages of completing our class dance in PE. We have been creating dances to different sections of a ‘Queen Medley’ each week and will soon be ready to perform it. We have also taken part in a variety of LEGO activities and have been developing our coding skills through J2E, Scratch and other apps.
Speaking of J2E, we have genuinely been blown away with the children’s attitudes towards J2 Blast. It has been really pleasing to see how it has ‘taken off’ and we have seen the children’s multiplication knowledge ‘rocket’ as a result of this new initiative!
We would like to thank the parents who attended our Children’s rights day; it was a real pleasure to have you come and spend the morning with us and we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm! We hope to see you again on Friday 17th February – please look out for details about this event.
Lastly, we would like to thank South Wales Police for allowing us to become Junior PCSOs and helping to make our school a safer place to be.